Up your ass 21 (Anabolic - Diabolic) - Erotik DVD Versand

The UP YOUR ASS series is one of the most demanding sexual challenges a girl can put herself up to! Su proudly introduces covergirl Lena to her first 3-on-1. Lena takes everything our 3 studs have to offer, she is a natural beauty who opens up her sphincter for the traumatic trio of Mr. Marcus, Joachim and Junior; needless to say this very happy, sweaty, energetic anal champ gets the fucking of her life! Su also discovers that "Petite", little Maxine is a living testimonial to the adage "Big girl, big hole; little girl, ALL HOLE". This whore is an anal queen in the making! The Cock craving, cum eating, Nymphomaniac girls in this movie take all the Asspounding our Mammoth, Monster-cocked, Mandingo styled, sphincter-stretching swordsmen can dish out! These whores subject their nubile, ripe, luscious, bodies to a veritable barrage of Big Black spew blasting cock! We have provide...
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