Teen Power! 5 (Kick Ass Pictures - Teen Power!) - Erotik DVD Versand

Leave us girls alone - not! Leave Leah Luv alone, Mister. Can't ya see that she's all, like, young and innocent and stuff? I mean, look at those braces! She did what? Ouch, did it scrape you thingee? Oh, you paid her? Well, Mister, if you're ready to pay, I'm ready to play. But you can't stick it in too far, on account of I'm a virgin and I don't want my hymen busted up before my wedding night. "Whoops?" What do you mean whoops, Mister? Why do I feel all warm and funky inside? Well, if you don't want me telling your wife, I think we need to take a trip to the mall. Like, now!
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