Kung-Fu Girls 1 (Kick Ass Pictures - Kung-Fu Girls) - Erotik DVD Versand

Welcome to Master Chow-Down Soon's Kung-Fu Academy for young ladies. If evil ninja-girl Jade-Blue Eclipse captures the Fire Dragon sword kept at the school, she'll rule the world. So it's up to the Kung-Fu Girls to save the day! Luckily they have many weapons in their arsenal. Innocent young faces stopping deadly cumshots. Nubile throats swelling from the thickness of man-meat lodged deep inside. Tight little stomachs bulding with the mass of cocks being thrust into them. Elastic young asses ready to gape open on command, showing us how cute a girl's bowels can be! If you want a sappy love story, rent Crouching Tiger. If you want explosive sex, bow before the Kung-Fu girls!
Porno DVD Kung-Fu Girls 1 (Kick Ass Pictures - Kung-Fu Girls) für nur €22,90
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